This is a how to use guide on how to navigate and use Shipmate on the server that has been created by Jack Brady.
The commands below are available for any servers that include Shipmate, your private messages with the bot, which can be added to new servers via the link below.
Shipmate Link

Current Features

?card [Model Name/Alias] - this function will put up an associated model and displays the content within the Discord channel that the command was used in. Using * before the name will bring up the CID entry for that model if available. Also works with ?find [Model Name/Alias].
The bot supports partial searches and Warcaster/Warlock/Infernal Master Aliases within War Room (Kaya the Wildheart working with Kaya3 for example).

Multiple matches will prompt a response with suggestions for models the search term matches most closely with, of which the person who used the command can respond (if in DMs or if Shipmate is unable to react to messages) or react with the appropriate model number (though this is currently soft-limited to 6 as of currently due to speeds of which the API allows adding reactions) to return.

The bot has a cache for users that remembers the last card it had pulled for that user within the last hour, allowing you to then set aliases by ?alias add [Alias]

This command can also be prompted by typing [[Model Name/Alias]] into any chat channel the bot has access to send messages within. (example [[Kaya the Wildheart]])

?alias - use this to view an alias of a model by ?alias [Model Name/Alias], you can then add to the alias by ?alias add [Alias].

Also works in conjunction with ?card as above.

?map - Pulls a generated Wartable link at random from a list of maps created courtesy of Brad Park.

?cidmap - Pulls up a game link for a random map, created for the SR2020 CID!

?wsip [number] - short for ‘What Should I Play?’, this function will listen for your messages in the channel the command was used in, once it has the same amount of entries as the number you’ve entered (by default it will aim for 3), it will go ahead and pick one of them at random for you!

?rando [Warmachine/Hordes] [Faction] - randomly pulls a Warcaster, Warlock or Infernal Master from a pool of the models in the game.

This can also be done by using ?wtb instead of ?rando

Work In Progress

Drafting process for alternative(/fun) formats.

?draft - this command will allow you to start an event using the Steamroller format, will also act as a hub for the aforementioned formats.

Will include a way to manage and create your events (more below) via Tiebreak and Discord - including result submission, tracking and more.

?events - events created through the ?draft command above will be managed through this group of commands, namely:

?event set [optional: Event ID] - this will set the event ID (given upon creation) for a server so that all result submissions within that server are assigned to that event.
?event results [@opponent] [optional: Event ID] - this will allow you to set the results for a matchup by following the message prompts for the corresponding data-points.
?event submit [optional: Event ID] - if the event is managed in conjunction with Tiebreak, using this command will prompt you with unsubmitted results for the event for you to then prompt the submission of those details.

?convert [War Room list] - takes a copied list from War Room and turns it into a list that’s accepted by Wartable; also returns the associated number for each model so you can pull up the card for the model in question.

?timingchart (also works with ?tc) - brings up the timing sequence for Activating, Attacking and Spellcasting as per the latest core rules. Can be called with ?tc activation (or the others) in order to bring up specific parts of the timing chart.

For example ?tc damage will prompt if you meant Damage Rolls or Damage Application, of which you can follow up with ?tc Damage app in order to bring up the timing sequence for Damage Application specifically.