What is Fishmachine

Fishmachine is our adaptation of foodmachine bringing the existing rule set to the current iteration of WMH rules. Instead of donating cans or food, you will be able to make donations on our store where you can then redeem them to buy benefits to your army.
The benefits are split into 4 different tiers each costing a different amount that increase the potential of models by granting them rules or by being able to add alien models to your existing lists. They range from small (improving a single stat of a model) to large (gaining a special field marshall.) All of these rules are redeemed before the start of the event and will last for all of the events rounds. There is also in-game tiers that can be used throughout in your turns also.

Fishmachine Tier Pack PDF

All purchases will be donated evenly to the 2 charities after store transaction costs have been taken.

Fishmachine tickets