What is Fishcon

We are happy to announce that we are planning to host the first Fishcord Virtual Convention, imaginatively dubbed, Fishcon Online.

This is a planned charity event and as such there will be an entrance fee for this event. All proceeds will be donated to one of two charities. We have chosen the two charity areas that we would like to donate to, Mind (Mental Health) and Mermaids (LGBT+).

Fishcord was founded with the original goal of supporting the mental health of our community. We did this by giving people the opportunity to continue the hobby and being able to interact and connect with others during this period of uncertainty, now that these simple things we took for granted were no longer be possible for many of us. As someone who has been impacted by this previously, it was something very close to my heart and I hope we have achieved this goal.

We would also like to take this opportunity to support LGBT+, as this is an area that the community has seen an increased awareness of in recent months . We would like to help encourage the people within the Warmachine community , who have been affect by this, by giving to the charities that will help give them the support that they may need.

The convention itself will have events that range across multiple time zones, allowing all international players to participate. We have Planned a Masters Steamroller, team events, along with a modified version of food machine to fit our format. More event formats will confirmed at a later date.

We hope that you will want to be a part of this event and we would like to give you the chance to offer your support.event Provisional dates are 26th to 28th February. The event will open Friday evening and run largely uninterrupted until midnight on the Sunday. These times will be based on the GMT time zone.

Going forward, we will be providing a minimum of one update a month to keep everyone informed of where this event currently is. These updates can be found at http://fishcord.larnu.uk/ along with our new podcasts.

Fishcon Ticket Store

With Thanks, from Ryan Willmott and the Fishcord Team.

Please note that all proceedes from fishcon will be donated to their respective charities after the transaction charges have been applied by Shopify.