Fishcon Event Details

Fishcon registration has now officially opened! You can vist our Shopify sute to purchase an entry ticket to the event. The ticket will provide access to the whole even. All times on the Timetable for the events are UTC. Details of each event can be found in the Fishcon pack linked below; this will explain how each of the events will function.

Fishmachine events have additional purchases that provide in game benefits, these are also donated to the charities at a 50/50 split between both each, after administration charges have been taken. Additional details can be found here for Fishmachine

Events will have additional registration forms that will be available at a later point so that you can sign up for certain events. These will be posted below when available. Event spaces will be on a first come first serve basis, if an event is not full or someone drops before the event starts then you can also turn up at the beginning to register on a first come first serve basis.
Fishcon pack

Fishcon Judgepack

Event Signup links

All events have 8 available slots apart from the team event which has spots for 4 teams of 3 players per qualifer. All times are in UTC +0

Steamroller 26/02/21 19:00

Who's the boss 26/02/21 20:00

Fishmachine 27/02/21 10:00

Steamroller 27/02/21 11:00

Team Event 27/02/21 12:00

Spell Draft 27/02/21 18:30

Team Event 27/02/21 20:00

Steamroller 27/02/21 21:00

Fishmachine 27/02/21 22:00

Casterdraft 28/02/21 13:00

Who's The Boss 28/02/21 16:00