Fishcon Announcement 2

Hello everyone!
We are ready to reveal the next bits of information in regards to Fishcon being the named charities and the schedule (subject to change based off of attendees.)
The two charities that we have decided to pick are Mind and Mermaids these are two charities that we feel as a team are appropriate for what we are doing this for. When buying an entrance ticket you will have the option as to what charity you want to donate to.
The schedule that we have currently made is designed to be able to add more pods where needed based off of interest and attendees. We feel with the number of events running throughout that there is enough there for any time zone to be welcome to join even if its for one event. Pods have been limited to 3 rounds to ensure that no event runs for too long.
bellow will be a link to the schedule.
Cheers for reading!

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