Steamroller And Who's The Boss Leagues

Below are the links to sign up to the next set of events that run through the following dates 2021-03-05 - 2021-04-03. List Submission for both events will start at a later date and links will be attached here when they go live.


Normal 75 points steamroller capped at 4 rounds over 4 weeks, good for getting in practice for VTC this will be capped at 3 pods of 16. When signing up please ensure you sign up to the first available pod.

Steamroller Pod A
Steamroller Pod B
Steamroller Pod C

Who's The Boss

Who's the boss is a format where you construct a list with 30 WB/WJ points and no caster. The games will be 50 points themes are allowed ( 50 points + 30 WB/WJ + 2 req choices) at the start of each round you will roll a random caster through a bot to use for the game with one re-roll of caster throughout the event.
These are also capped at 4 rounds played over 4 weeks in a league format.

Whos The Boss Pod A
Whos The Boss Pod B

Please note you can sign up to both the steamroller and the Who's the boss, however please make sure you will have enough time to dedicate to both events before signing up. We are noticing that there is an increase of players conceding games due to not having enough time to play if this is the case please let a judge know asap so we can try to arrange a game for your opponent so they do not miss out. In cases where its happening frequently we will keep an eye on those individuals.
We understand things come up meaning you dont have time but please let people know if that is the case.