Warmachine MkII Throwback: D&C1 & Character Restrictions League

For those that don't know what either of those are, Character Restrictions means you can't take the same version of a named character in both lists (so you can't take a Hermit in both lists). You can, however, take different versions of the same named character; So you could have Alexia1 in one list, and Alexia2 in the other.

D&C1 means that you must play both of your lists at least once during the event.

The event will be starting on January 9th, however, as we need to validate lists we will be closing submissions at 00:00 UTC on the 7th.

As the event will be ran in a league format this means that each round will run from Monday to Sunday. This will be excluding the first week which will run Saturday to the following Sunday to allow for people to get used to aranging games.

Games will be played on a 75 min deathclock deployment off clock.