You can use the below form to retreive your cards for a Caster Draft caster. Please note that each option is followed by a number in brackets (for example [1]), this denotes the pack it was chosen from as cards for stat changes appear more than once. Please ensure that you select the correct one, as choosing the same card from the same pack will not apply it a second time. For example, choosing the option "FOCUS [1]" twice will only result in recieving +1 FOCUS, not 2.

If you have picked 3 or more weapon choices, then only the last 2 will be displayed on the front of the card (though the abilities of any other weapons will be displaye on the rear of the card). The only exception to this are the Spellstorm Pistols, which will only be displayed if you pick them and no other weapon afterwards; you will lose both if you select another weapon.

If you notice any problems with the cards, please leave a comment at the bottom. I am not accepting feature requests at this time.

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