Here are a few people, or groups, that have helped us, for example contributing to the Server/Events:


Where would we be without this website? It had rescued us from the dark days of Vassal and helped bring even more of the community together. Huge Shout out to Lars for his continuing hard work on this.


These ladies and gentlemen have provided lots of content over the months of COVID. They provide battle reports regularly along with lots of streamed games on Twitch even covering our Fishcord Events and much more. Special thanks for Stephanie Berry and the rest of the Knights for all the hard work.


Built by Jack Brady, this bot aims to make smaller tasks in Warmachine (such as pulling model stats and starting games) easier while keeping it within Discord. With commands from ?card in order to get the appropriate model’s card, to ?map to pull a generated Wartable link for maps created courtesy of Brad Park.


GamingDevil, one of our newer judges on the team and often writes up battle reports. Go check them out if you haven't already.

Conflict Chamber

People need someone where to submit their lists and this is the place to do it. List construction made simple.