What is Fishcord and why did we make it?

Fishcord started off as a group for communicating and an alternative to playing games with locals. We then ran our first steamroller one weekend of which caught the eye of an American player (who then brought some more players with them). From that point onwards we kept running events which got more and more attention from other metas and countries. We assisted in the first ever VTC and some of the largest leagues during COVID. From something that started as a small idea to help out some people and the local meta has now grown way larger than we could have thought it would.

What is the Fish Bet?

You feeling confident and think the wooden spoon isn't good enough? Well then you should do the fish bet. Very simple; the loser of the event gets slapped by a fish & the winner gets to pick a person in the bet to slap with a fish.

What is our plan going forward?

Continue to keep giving to the community, both online and in real life, and bring people together from all around to play Warmachine and Hordes.

Fishcord and Co.

  • Ryan Willmott:
    I've been playing Warmachine for about 6 years now (since the middle of mark 2.) I started with a couple of factions and then ended up on Menoth where I have mainly stayed since. I play In the UK and am a part of the Essex Meta, as of 2020 after lots of grinding I qualified for the WTC that never was.
    Covid 19 then happened so Thom and I decided to make a discord server to help locals play games and now we are here running events for people all over. So I'm now more of an event organizer and judge but continue to play the game and I frequently get slapped by a fish for not being good enough.

  • Thomas Andrews:
    If any of you knew me before Fishcord, it's very likely you knew me from the Privateer Press Rules Forum (Larnu), where I spend far too much of what little time I did spend on Warmahordes before recent months. Otherwise, for a long time I fell out of love with the game and I haven't played at competitive events since MkII.
    As for what I did/do play, I own Circle (not the good parts), Convergence (not SBF!) and all three two Cephalyx Casters. I really enjoy the latter 2 armies but I haven't played or enjoyed my Circle in a some time.
    Instead recently (even before COVID) I've been looking to become a Judge at events, as even if my skills at the game aren't what they used to be and certainly my collection is lacking, my rules knowledge is still very good and it's something I really enjoy.
    I'm also responsible for Corgibot, a lot of the behind the scenes stuff at Fishcord (such as this website if the domain didn't give it away), and the 2020 VTC.

  • Dean Booth:
    If you have ever met me across the table, you have probably groaned gently inside, as I’ve played almost exclusively Legion, and more recently Infernals, coming close to a decade now. Maybe I just have a thing for eyeless sight models.
    I’ve had middling success across the years, at events such as UK Nationals, my local Essex and London metas as well as any team event I can get to within the UK. This is mostly due to my penchant for janky interactions and focusing on synergys that I like the looks of instead of just playing strong lists. Fortunately those things all combined last year, into me being able to do well enough to get picked for a team for the WTC that never was.
    Now I am just a sad boi, enjoying slapping and being slapped with a fish.

  • Barry Williams:
    Many of you will recognise me as one of the judges of several UK events including some small local events in Stafford.
    I was introduced to Warmachine just as Mark2 ended, I played probably 5 games of Mark 2 all of which I'm sure I lost! As Mark 3 came out I attempted to get very good at the game, or at least competitive locally, which after a few months became apparent that I neither had the time or mental space for. Following this our club decided it wanted to run more Warmachine tournaments and in the absence of a Pressganger I stepped up to run an event, since then I've run probably 90% of our local events in the last two years, and developed rules knowledge to give the best possible answers at events.
    I've helped at all sorts of big events like; UK Nationals, Warmachine Weekender, Blood and Oil, Welsh Masters, and WTC 2019.
    If you manage to catch me playing, you'll find me piloting Trolls, Cygnar, or Skorne, usually something uncompetitive but I'll be having a great time playing it!

  • Server Judges
    As time has gone by we have expanded the Judge team on the Fishcord server. Picked from those who we think to aid the community with their personalities and their accomplishments, some of them even have rules knowledge too,
    So who are they?
    Brady, Cruelkipper, Gamingdevil, Steph, Blake, DanX and SethTheLost

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