3 Person Team Event – May 2021

As promised we are announcing our next event as VTC 2021 has concluded. Keeping up with the Team Events trend, we'll be doing a 3 player team league with German Pairing. We'll be doing it a little differently this time though, as each map in a single round will also have a different scenario. So in Round 1 if you're on Table 1/A you'll be playing Spread The Net, but on Table 3/C you'll be playing King of The Hill (as seen in the image). Hopefully this'll make for a bit more variety for your games but also make table picks a bit more interesting.

We're planning for 2 pods of 8 teams, making a 3 round event, but if we have enough interest we'll a add a 3rd pod of 8.

Pairings for Round 1 will be published on Friday 14th May, with Round 1 starting the following day and ending on Sunday 23rd May. The following 2 rounds will be 1 week long, with both the pairings published and round starting on the Monday.

To sign up, please enter your team details here: https://forms.gle/3s9Q7bV1CKe1b9qs9. You do need to have at least one list per player in the team, however, you are able to edit your entry once you have submitted. Sign ups close on May 13th. This means we can ensure we receive lists for all players, and have time to update Tie Break with all your submissions.

Any problems, please give Ryan or myself a shout.

Good luck!

Round 1

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